Life Insurance


Why should you buy life insurance?

Life insurance is not a simple product. Before you buy any kind of life insurance, think about why you’re buying it. Are you protecting your family in case of an early death? Have you taken on additional debt that requires you to provide coverage? Are you looking to leave an inheritance?


Reasons Why People By Term and Whole Life Insurance:

  • To hire others to replace their contributions to the family that would be lost upon their death (daycare, transportation, cleaning services, etc)
  • To replace their income that would be lost upon death
  • To give a business time and resources to replace an employee when a key employee dies
  • To pass their estate to their heirs in a tax friendly fashion
  • To pay for chronic, critical or terminal illness expenses (living benefit policy)
  • To pay off mortgage, school loans, business loans, taxes and other debts
  • To pay for all final expenses, including funeral, memorial service, etc
  • To leave a gift to charity
  • To provide cash value for retirement
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